Happy New Year and a smooth return to your activities, with the hope that 2016 will be full of amazing projects!

On our end, two projects are already in the works, one of which is a very promising medieval mini-series that should be released this spring.

The year starts strong and we are very happy about it 😀


For a project we are just starting up, earlier today we have embarked on an amazing sample hunt on the traverse Québec-Lévis, in order to capture as much sounds as possible in relation to boats and navigation. Weather was cold, but the day was great.

Enjoy quality time with friends and family during the holidays!


We are very happy to announce, at last, the release of our 1st album, Epic Series vol.1! It’s an EP in the Epic musical style, and is already available here, and very soon on itunes, amazon, and many more.

Ideal gift for the christmas stocking 😉

Merry Christmas everyone!


The final approvals were recently received, and today will see the launch of our logo music for the webcast series of the Canada School of Public Services. From now on, those logos will contribute to the branding of the CSPS and will be heard during each webcast offered for federal public workers.

Stay tuned!


In a few days from now will be happening the launch of a short 3D movie for which we handled the score. The project will be presented along with other 3D shorts during a gala evening. We are very enthused with the idea of hearing and seeing our work on the big screen, and to share our passion with the public as well as other creators. The movie will then hit the festivals road, to eventually be displayed on our site…

This project is just behind us and we are back to work, with logo music this time, for the opening and closing animations of the Canada School of Public Services webcast series.


Many ongoing projects lately, but the one we would like to share with you, is a more personal one. We are currently developing a mini-album of Epic music, all composed first and foremost for having fun and enjoying our studio environment. We have been thinking about it for a while, and we hope it’s going to be the first of a long, Epic series! The release date has yet to be determined since we put our main focus on our dear customers.


2014 has been an amazing year, and this is due to all our extraordinary clients and collaborators, thank you! We have had the pleasure to meet tons of new, stimulating people, as well as collaborate furthermore with many now regular figures, and this made up for an incredibly rich and productive year. We hope you all had a fruitful 2014 and that 2015 will surpass all your expectations!

Stay tuned for more amazing projects,
many thanks,



Hey folks, check out the new studio pictures in our about section. Also, slowly but surely, we are connecting the dots to ensure a better presence on the web. We just added a link for our new twitter account. Make sure you connect with us to stay in touch…


We are thrilled with the release of the Architextures 2.0 website. Major thanks to Denis at DS Communications for the slick customized look. You will notice many improvements in the navigation workflow, the look, as well as a dedicated audio player. Other improvements are on the way, but in the meantime, we would love to hear your comments in this regard!

Have fun!


A lot of music has been coming out of the studio lately and we are having a blast at producing those fine tracks. Some of these will be available shortly for your own enjoyement!

We have had the pleasure to meet many new students, all with their own levels and expectations, and as usual, we are pleased to offer them tailor-made private lessons.

On a final note, after several attempts at finding solutions to our website problem regarding the media panel visibility on firefox, we have decided to completely redesign the site to a new, better, Architextures 2.0 experience that will be much more user friendly.

Stay tuned and until then, keep the music alive!


The fourth and final chronicle called Meter et standards de diffusions audio is now online. We discuss the actual broadcast audio standards for HD tv. Hope you can learn a few things from those four informational videos, enjoy!


The last few months were rich in partnerships for scoring to picture projects. Being able to contribute to these big productions has proven to be strong in emotion and very beneficial in terms of sharing new ideas. Also, our acoustic treatment expertise was put to good use quite a few times to help with project development. In addition, a new chronicle calledprise de son sur le plateau is now online. It is the third epsiode out of four.

The first months of 2014 will focus on enhancing our infrastructures and to musical production.

Happy new year 2014 everyone!


Things go fast at the studio. A new song is now online, others are under production, new students are coming to discover the joy of musical technology, and we are currently recording a Jazz vocal duo.

We can now expand on our collaboration with Mon Studio au Canada, who invited us to share our sound for image expertise. Four technological chronicles were shot among which two are currently online: Microphones et patron polaires and Choisir le bon microphone pour sa captation. Go have a look!


Another very active month at Architextures, many new sound creations underway. The shooting of the technological chronicles went very well, we will provide you with the link as soon as these are available. In addition, we visited a few Ontario bars and studios to provide them with expert advice about sound proofing and acoustic treatment. Maybe your ears will soon enjoy the fruit of our advice…


Some wonderful projects are coming on! We are currently preparing technological chronicles that will air on the web… details must remain secret for now 😉


We are now installed in our new studio space, ready to take new engagements and fulfill your expectations with distinction and precision. We are extremely enthusiast to help you stand out with a professional and distinctive sound!


A very busy month starts with the completion of the MCML and Remixer la Chanson Québécoise pieces.


Have a happy 2013 everybody! May everything go for the best, personally and professionally!

It looks like early 2013 will be very busy with many big deadlines approaching and a lot of private teaching going on…


The construction of the studio is almost done, some deserved rest and we start setting up!